Newest releases

Release of new ReSiE version 0.7.0

We have released version 0.7.0 of our energy system simulation engine ReSiE. This release was developed over some time and contains many internal changes to better support various energy systems and use cases we envision for the future. However we are not done with refactoring and continue to improve our engine to cover a wider range of use cases. Please note that ReSiE in general is still in an early stage and might not be suited for use in projects without consultation on the current capabilities and limitations.

The latest release can be found here and details are available on the documentation of the QuaSi-Projekt.

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Release of new GenSim version 2.15

We have released version 2.15 of our tool GenSim that is now fully open source, including a graphical user interface (GUI) based on Microsoft-Excel® (currently available in German only, however the English version will follow soon). GenSim calculates the energy demand for heating, cooling and electric loads of an individual building as yearly high-resolution profiles. The underlying generic building model makes it possible to model any building type. For all necessary parameters, standard data sets for common building types are available directly in the GUI (focus currently on german standards). The Geometry can be defined using a simple generic approach or by importing an own geometry model. An individual building can thus be modelled quickly, which is necessary when modelling entire districts. GenSim uses EnergyPlus® v9 as the simulation engine to perform physics-based thermal building simulation based on the framework that OpenStudio® provides.

The latest release can be found here and a detailed user manual is available within the documentation of the QuaSi-Projekt.

For citation of this release, use the following DOI:

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